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Wolka / Kamil Śleszyński

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"He’s allowed to do nothing. Do you fucking understand? He can lay on bed. He can’t make himself tea. Why should he? He can’t watch anything he likes on TV – no way. No one would let this happen. There are cells where he’s forbidden to even look at the TV set. He looks everywhere, just not at the TV set. Know what I' m saying? Or he can’t eat at the table, just on the loo. And if not, he gets it in the neck. There are many ways to torment. He has to clean, do laundry, cook, full service. He’s a minion. There are also cases when he’s given an electric shock. Oh, it’s so sweet. You’re taking a wire and this chap sits on a stool with feet in water. And you shock him with the current. And so the fuck on. Or whisk on shin bones, beating in a blanket roll. Or you put a soap in a sock and fuck him up".
Urszula Śleszyńska